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If you are hurting with rheumatism or arthritis or suffering with chronic aches and pains, do your self a favor and look up my friend Andrena Bonte at the Lotus Center in Oakland, NJ. She is licensed in acupuncture and herbal medicine. And good news! Her treatment center is COVID FREE. Not only did she treat me in a safe environment, but she taught me how to keep my own office COVID FREE. Don't stay in pain.

— John Milano

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"I have been treated by Andi for over two years.  During that time, she has worked miracles and helped me more than any medical doctor in the past.  I first started treatment for a failed back surgery (how I wish I had known of Andi prior to surgery).  Over the past two years, Andi has brought me from using a walker to being able to wake up in the morning and walk my dog, take yoga and other exercise classes and resume my love of gardening - all without the use of chemical drugs.   Andi continuously furthers her education and uses the most fitting of her skills, or combination of, to best address her patient’s needs – acupuncture, acupressure, spooning, cupping, moxibustion, yoga balancing, and herbal formulas which she prepares herself.  Using her various skills, Andi’s mind guides her hands to be the true healer she is.

Appointments with Andi do not start and stop when you enter and exit her treatment room - between appointments, she will very often contact you to follow-up on your condition and offer additional suggestions or use your comments in order to tweak your next treatment.

Andi’s treatment room is an immaculate, soothing space.  In the event you are unable to physically meet with her, she offers telehealth appointments.  During the COVID-19 “lock-down,” Andi posted short “Acupuncture Tuesday” videos guided by her voice and movements which addressed her patient’s issues as the weeks went on.

Thank you for all you do Andi, and for giving me a quality of life once again." — Carolyn MC

"I began treatment with Andrena in February 2020.  Several years ago, I had a herniated disk in my neck which resurfaced.  In February I was unable to pick up and drink a cup of coffee in the morning.  When I admitted to myself I needed help and not wanting to go the route of western medicine again, I chose to make an appointment at The Lotus Center LLC with Andrena Bonte since my wife was under treatment with her and had a tremendous amount of success.  After only one treatment of acupuncture, acupressure, spooning, moxibustion, and cupping, I felt relief of the pain and return of strength in my hand and arm which continued to improve with each treatment.

During the Pandemic, Andi provided telehealth appointments instructing my wife on how to treat my issues.  I waited patiently until the day Andi reopened her office and am happy to once again be under her one-on-one care.  She is a true healer who cares about each patient." — Blair M

"Thank you so much for the great care I received for my shoulder!! One visit with you made a tremendous difference in my health – still am amazed in the difference of just changing the type of workout shirt I wear to one that helps keep the heat trapped in my shoulder has really helped in my continued improvement. Thank you again!!"

Gina E.

"Andi is an amazing acupuncturist that has helped me during a very difficult time. Recently diagnosed with ocular migraines, with complications – my neurologists are trying numerous medications that make me quite ill every morning. I could not get through these past couple of months without Andi’s guidance, expertise, and research, on my behalf. Andi’s herbs have been a gift that allows me to feel more normal every day! I look forward to seeing her smiling face and experiencing her caring, knowledgeable ways." — Pati

"Andi is a wonderful practitioner and the kind of person you feel at ease with instantaneously! During the course of my treatment with her (treated for GI issues) I got pregnant and was able to carry my first child to term (had two prior pregnancies that were not carried to term.) I swear that the work Andi and I had been doing was the reason I was able to hold my daughter to term!!! I highly recommend working with Andi for anything that ails you. She will find a way to help!" — Blair M.

"I have to say that Andi is the best…she has helped me more than any Dr. I have ever been to…….she truly cares about my well being in every way! I will continue to see her as long as she is in practice! She is wonderful! Thank you Andi!" —  Kristin S.

"I first met Andi during a very painful flareup resulting from prior back surgery and Fibromyalgia. It was difficult for me to even lay on a table but Andi knew how to help me feel comfortable. I felt immediate relief after my first appointment. Andi is kind, compassionate, and spent a lot of time with me during each appointment listening to how I felt, she looks at the whole package not just a particular symptom. She is very gifted in her work and I highly recommend her." — Gloria McC.

"Andi is one of the most wonderful people I know. From the first day I walked into her office she showed true concern about my pain and worked diligently to heal my body with her caring hands and knowledge of acupuncture. The pins that she inserts along with her warm conversations and sharing of what goes on in our lives are all part of the amazing treatment I have received monthly for over 15 plus years. I am mostly pain-free but look forward to my appointments with Andi, as her methods heal my soul as well! For anyone looking for Eastern methods of healing given by an amazing woman, see Andi at the Lotus Center. She is the very best." — Lorraine L.

"I started seeing Andi about 9 years ago for fertility assistance. Since then I have had two amazing sons! Within a couple of months of her treatment I was pregnant. I credit her with that. She led me through the process of letting go and allowing. She has been an incredible inspiration in my life not just as an acupuncturist and friend but she is a beloved healer. When you meet her you will see that she does not just practice acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She knows exactly what to do to treat the whole person. She uses many techniques and is better than many therapists out there! I am just crazy about her and have recommended her to family, friends, and coworkers. She has been a positive guiding force in my life at many turning points. And boy can she relieve pain, colds, various infections, etc. I recommend Andi wholeheartedly. I love her!" — Laura C.

To learn more, contact Andrena via phone at (201) 895-4259, email which is 
or like her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lotuscenterllc.