Remote Sessions:

Times are unstable, uncertainty reigns, and change is inevitable.  While this can be scary, it is also exciting.  We are being presented with an opportunity to grow and shift in ways that we could not have embraced before.  Call me crazy, but I do believe that we can emerge stronger, unified, and happier overall.

  • Letting go of the comfortable is NOT easy.

  • Letting go of old beliefs is NOT easy.

  • Moving into the unknown is daunting.

  • Job loss and financial disruption is a nightmare.

  • Loss of life is heartbreaking and disorienting.

  • Feeling rudderless and unsure is disconcerting.

With that said, I can help you.  You are not alone.  I am offering appointments either via phone or video in 30 and 60-minute sessions.

How you ask with out needles?

Well, my intention is to draw from my diverse background utilizing Acupressure, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Yoga and gentle movement, meditation, visualization, breathing, remote energy transference, something new called “yin/yang polarity balancing, sound healing, self-massage coached by me to support you in whatever way is necessary.  The key is self-care, mutual participation, and a willingness to change albeit in a new way.

If skeptical or unsure, I have created a few videos and one audio that represent these concepts.  They were sent out via email over the past few weeks and are posted on Try or listen to what I am offering and see how you feel afterward.  Did a shift occur?  Do you feel different in some way? Did feelings or emotions arise? Does your physical body feel different? Whatever happened, it is a good thing.

Benefits?  I say the “skies the limit”.  You just have to be willing to move into a new arena and embrace the now.

60-minute session - $105
30-minute session - $55

Chinese Herbal medicine – consult is online with an e-form and the fee is based upon the amount of herbs that I give you.


All appointments have to be prepaid via credit card on Paypal. You do not need a PayPal account. In addition, I will not be issuing a superbill for you to file with insurance, but will write one up if you are drawing down from a health savings account.

There is a requirement that all telehealth patients complete an informed consent form prior to any treatment sessions. A copy can be downloaded, printed using the provided link.  Once signed, take a photo on your phone and text photo to me at 201 895 4259 or send via email to or

To learn more, contact Andrena via phone at (201) 895-4259, email which is 
or like her on Facebook at