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Like you, I have struggled at times. Life was not always so kind, and I wasn’t either. I had a challenging childhood surrounded by male dominance. My main modus operandi was anger. It was my “go to” response to everything. This went on for at least 35 years. My anger propelled me through a successful career in the construction industry that again, was male-dominated. My anger served me well, so I thought. Then things started to shift within me. I started to seek out new ways to express. The anger was no longer appealing, and I didn’t like me or who I had become. The old me was no longer a good fit.

Once I acknowledged the shift, opportunities started to show up for yoga workshops, motivational speakers, classes, and other activities, which would help me to change my thinking. I tried it all. My thoughts started to change, the internal audio recordings became more silent, and I was feeling better. This led to my leaving the corporate world. My husband was not happy about this as our income dropped substantially, but this was important to me. I was driven in a new way and started to trust this new process.

My journey into Chinese Medicine happened by accident. I was taking Tai Chi classes and was inspired by the teacher to enroll in a New York City school for Chinese Herbal Medicine. Needless to say, I was a fish out of water. I had no experience in this field at all. While I was in this program, I overheard a conversation about a new school opening in New York City for acupuncture and so I joined. My educational outcome was most positive. I became licensed by the State of New Jersey to practice acupuncture and certified by the State of New Jersey to dispense herbs. My higher education began when I obtained an undergraduate degree from Jersey City State College, and then my master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Next, I studied further under the guidance of prominent teachers: Dr. Jeffery C. Yuen, Dr. Richard Tan, Sharon Weizenbaum, and Giovanni Maciocia. My love of learning has never ceased. For the past four years, I studied Jing Fang Herbal Medicine with Dr. Feng Shi Lun and Dr. Suzanne Robidoux. This particular type of herbal medicine is not well known due to the fact that this system has never been translated into English. But with this knowledge, I am now able to develop custom herbal formulas, specifically tailored, for each patient. Dr. Suzanne Robidoux also continues to instruct me in Classical Yuan Qi acupuncture, an ancient style, steeped in tradition.

This was all as a result of overhearing a conversation by some students about a new school that none of them completed. I look back now and realize that this was one of those moments to seize and act upon. The journey was not easy but it was worth all the struggles. I love what I do. I love that I am able to explore the human body in a unique way. To be able to see the links of discord within a patient and to successfully tease them apart is an honor and a responsibility that I do not take lightly. I work from an intuitive platform bolstered by years of experience and continuing education courses. I feel I offer patients an unusual mix of healing modalities that serve them well.

Please check out my page for testimonials to get a glimpse of what others have said. Most of my patients have been coming to me for many years. We have a wonderful symbiotic relationship. My desire is for each patient to find their own inner strength and conviction so that they may heal and transform into who they want to be.

Andrena Bonte

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