When I say herbs are incredible healers, I mean it. The only caveat is that you must understand them fully and should not use them without consulting a highly educated and trained herbologist.

Herbs are medicinal plants that have as much if not more punch then pharmaceutical medications. If dispensed correctly, the benefits are quick, you do not stay on them forever, and you do not continue to take daily like a vitamin supplement once the pattern has shifted or is gone.

Herbs elicit an energetic response in the body. Some have a warming effect, some are cooling, some direct a response downward, some direct a response upward, some create sweat and release the body, other inhibit sweat, some drain water from the body while other enrich and moisten, some calm the mind while other life and remove cobwebs. This is a small snapshot of how herbs work when properly used.

In Chinese Medicine, we dispense herbs differently. We look at all the symptoms the person is experiencing, form a diagnosis, and then customize a formula based upon our findings. We always use a combination of herbs so that the formula enhances the person’s innate healing ability while teasing apart the discord.

Herbs are effective for acute and chronic conditions. One just has to be patient for the healing process to unfold and the body responds. Sometimes, it is very quick and other times the healing progresses more gradually. It is all about the individual and how their body responds. Many times, revisions need to be made to a formula and in some cases a totally new formula is warranted as the body heals.

Bottom line, herbs are complicated and not to be taken without proper supervision by a professional.


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