Pain is an all -encompassing phenomena that grabs all your attention and is disruptive to our daily lives. Pain manifests in our physical, mental and emotional bodies, and many times involves all three concurrently once something is set into motion within us.

What to do? There is no easy answer to this question as each of us will respond differently to what is happening inside of us, and how we project it outwardly.
To start with, I feel, we need to ascertain what area of our lives needs the most attention. We do this by tapping into the self for answers. There is neither a magic bullet nor one correct solution. We need to find what “feels right for us” to address any given issue. If we just focus on the pain, which is the problem, then no solution will be allowed to come forth into our awareness.

Stepping back and observing is a good first step to bringing us closer to clarity.
Can you allow yourself to view what is happening objectively? If not, then your solutions will reflect a knee jerk reaction. Trust me, you will continue to just meander down the path your going with no resolution.

Do you need help from a medical professional from either Western or alternative modalities? If so, ask around for help to guide you where you need to go. There are so many choices. All of which offer viable solutions. See whom you are drawn to and who feels right. I can’t reinforce that “feeling right” is key. Maybe you choose a combination and set up a healing team that is focused on YOU.

Can you handle this on your own by making lifestyle changes? It is possible for many to follow this path. It takes discipline and honesty to acknowledge what must change and then to follow through with conviction.

There is no set path to release pain. Pain is a process of letting go. The best we can do is embrace what is and attract solutions to us. Sometimes, the solution is evident and many times we journey down many roads before resolution is reached.

Be open to what is. Seek help if needed. Reach out and embrace hope and know “that this too shall pass”.


Andi Bonte, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

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