You go to the gym or some other work out, you work up a sweat, you heat up and then run out to your car?

You go work out, work up a sweat, heat up, shower and leave with wet hair, no coat on, body not fully dried and run out to your car?
Some combination of the above?

If this sounds familiar and rings true, read on:

When you work out you are opening skin pores and losing body fluid, which is a depletion of Qi in your body. Qi in Chinese Medicine protects you from illness, balances the opening and closing or pores, regulates body temperature, moistens tissues and regulates bodily functions plus a myriad of other processes.

When the body is not allowed to return to a “cooled down” state wherein the pores are closed, sweat is no longer present, your heart rate is normal, and temperature wise the body feels comfortable, you are compromising your Qi and your immune system as well as your joints and muscles exposing yourself to internal illness and/or compromising your joints and muscles.

While this may not show up immediately, but over time something that you can’t explain will show up “out of the blue” so to speak.

Cool down properly after exercise. Towel off or shower. Put on a lightweight or midweight fleece that wicks and feels comfy and warm.

Dry your hair. This is a must.

Don’t exercise under a fan or air conditioning vent blowing directly on you. In general, no fans or air conditioning blowing directly on your body while sleeping, driving, at work, etc. This is a KEY concept.

Listen to YOUR bodily cues and responses while working out. Don’t overdo when muscles and joints are not responding in relation to what you want them to do. Back off and follow your inner knowing. Listen to your “Wise” Self for a change.

Apply a warming liniment before and after exercise to areas of body that are cranky.

Keep exercising, have fun but be mindful and make adjustments when needed.


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