I ask this question because this is not usually what you experience. You are given an appointment that may have an interaction of 10 to 15 minutes max, but you may have waited two to three times that amount of time before you were seen. By the time you are seen, either you are so frazzled, anxious or irritated you forgot why you came in the first place and just want out of there.

Does this scenario ring a bell? I would say, “yes”.

It is a shame that something so important as one’s health and well being is treated with less than optimal attention or being fragmented amongst various specialists who don’t speak or coordinate your case.

With this being said, we, as patients, are contributing to this scenario. We need to become proactive. We need to voice our opinions and tell professionals when we aren’t getting any better. Maybe another specialist is not the answer.

Each individual patient is just that “an individual” that has special needs different than someone else. Disease will manifest itself differently in each patient. It is rare that patients fall into the “textbook” description of an illness. You may exhibit some or none of what is typically attributed to a disease.

If you want things to change, then educate yourself. In addition, start giving attention to what is happening inside of you and writing it down if need be.
Find professionals who will give you the individual attention that you deserve. Alternative Health professionals like myself will focus on YOU. Treating YOU with “fresh “ eyes each time you visit. If you need traditional medical care, we will suggest that you see someone.

Sharing with loved ones and friends is encouraged and appreciated.

Andi Bonte, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist
Lotuscenterllc.com – 201 337 0220

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