We love springtime, but for many experiencing allergies is an obstacle. Allergy is a “catch all” term to denote a hypersensitivity of our immune system to our external environment, allergens, foods, pet dander, dust mites, molds, and mildew to name a few. Symptoms vary and may or may not present with sneezing, runny eyes and nasal discharge.

Allergies can affect all the systems of our bodies including organs, muscles, joints, skin, digestive processes, etc…. The allergic reaction is an inflammatory response by your body in which a unique pattern of symptoms is exhibited.

Here are some helpful suggestions for a smoother transition:

Start moving your body. Get outside and acclimate. Remember to shed from heavier clothes to lighter ones gradually as your body needs time to adjust to the new temperatures, changeability in barometric pressures, moisture in the air, and wind variables.

Avoid stressing your body by eating foods that you may be sensitive to as well as processed foods. These add to the toxic load the body is trying to cope with from our lifestyles, the environment and events, to name a few.

Cut out dairy in all forms. Dairy creates mucus and for most stagnates the digestive system.

Use a saline nasal wash like Xlear and the neti pot to irrigate the sinus cavities.

Massage forehead, temple, under eyes, bridge of nose and back of neck briskly to open these areas. Applying a moist warm towel may also be helpful.

Massage a point on the back of your hand called He Gu. It is the mound that forms when you have the index finger and the thumb touch. Massage gently as needed.

Avoid gardening, biking, running, etc…. especially on windy days. The wind stirs and moves the allergens and you will ingest or breathe them in.

If working outside, wear a mask. Wash these clothes separately as they will have allergens on them.

Wash after touching a pet who has been outside.

Want to boost your immune system, get a few acupuncture treatments.

Take Chinese Herbs prescribed by a licensed Chinese medicine herbalist to relieve the symptoms but also rebalance your immune system.


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