Stress affects all of US, and manifests in different ways in our bodies. Symptoms are varied and range from external aches, pains, fatigue, headaches to anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, palpitations to digestive disturbances plus any combination thereof.

Stressors are varied and come in many forms.

Sleep more? Take medications? Quit job? Get divorced? Run Away? Binge eat and drink?

If these options don’t sound appealing to you, then read further.

Here are insights that you should address:

Identify how your body expresses the affects of stress. Become mindful of your responses.
Questions you should ask yourself: Can I change my situation? Do I need to leave things “ as is” for now and make other adjustments? Am I willing to change my response? Am I willing to take other steps to change me so I can better handle what is going on?
Here are some easy, no brainer tips to help you help yourself:

Eat better and get enough sleep. When you are rested and eat right, you cope better.
Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake gradually and shift to green tea, water, and seltzer. These substances just aggravate the situation and do not help.
Exercise in any way that appeals to you. Just 20 minutes of walking will shift how you are feeling and adjust your emotional state. Again, you feel better and you handle situations better. Exercise especially walking is very meditative and brings you into the moment.
Get regular acupuncture treatments (once a month, once a season, every two weeks whatever works for you). Acupuncture self-regulates your body bringing you back into harmony and balance plus much more. Acupuncture will jump start your body so you can move forward.
Tap into your desires. . What do you want? Work towards achieving your dreams.
DISCONNECT everyday at various intervals. Like, take a lunch break. Get outside and walk around, listen to some music that is appealing, read or listen to something that is inspiring. Move in some way.
Treat yourself to something uplifting so you don’t feel like you climbing uphill.

KEY POINT IS TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE ABOUT YOUR SITUATION AS ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE YOU. Make peace with what is at this time in your life, as it won’t last forever.

Stressors will always exist and always arise. Learning awareness and being willing to change is your best solution and gives you a jump start into shifting away from the pattern that has entrenched itself inside of you.
If you change, others around you will either stick around or move out of your sphere.

Namaste Andi Bonte

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