Allergy season is now in full swing even though the initial budding of the trees started a few weeks ago when it was hard to see anything happening.

Allergy symptoms are many can can include raspy, raw throat, raspy voice, nasal drip, cough, tight chest, itchy ears, clogged ears, headache, runny and/or blocked nose, sneezing, skin rashes, itchy skin but no rash, throat clearing, red and/or itch eyes, tearing eyes, chills, heat sensations, tight neck muscles, and joint achiness to name a few…..

These are some easy tips to help your body make a smooth transition during this time:

USE A NETI POT – first thing in the morning and then again before bed.
(Not sure what this is? Send me an email and i will send you my basic instructions on how to make the salt rinse. Google words neti pot to see what it looks like)

If you know you have sensitivities to foods that contain gluten, dairy, wine, beer, chocolate, refined sugars, be more diligent to refrain from ingesting as your body is being challenged by the environmental allergens and can’t handle the additional negative stimuli from foods as well.

Cut dairy out. Dairy will only create more mucus and phlegm. Remember dairy is milk and milk products like yogurt, cheeses, cottage cheese, ice cream, desserts like custards, puddings, cakes with various icings and fillings, cream puffs, etc…. you get the idea.

Use XLEAR nasal spray during the day to drain sinuses and keep them open.

Massage forehead, temple, under eyes, bridge of nose and back of neck briskly to stimulate the areas to open.

Massage a point on the back of the hand in the web between thumb and index finger called Large Intestine 4. Have thumb touch index finger and you will see a small mound in the crease. This is the point. Massage gently as needed.

If you garden, run, bike or do other outside activities, you should avoid these activities on windy days. The wind stirs and moves around the allergens too much causing you to more easily inhale them. You can wear a mask especially if gardening since you are really ingesting the allergens more deeply . Remember your clothes will have the pollen on them as well so i would wash separately.

Pets will have pollen on their paws and in their fur and on their tongue. You might want to wipe them down after them come into the home. If you have sensitivities, wash your hands and face as well to remove residue from the pet.

Want to boost your body’s inner healer? Call for an ACUPUNCTURE appointment. A few sessions should help you immensely to relieve symptoms and eliminate the inflammation you are experiencing.

Chinese herbs can also be prescribed for those who don’t want to take medications. Herbs target the pattern you are exhibiting and relieve it.


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