Trauma is any event or circumstance that triggers emotional and physical responses within us. These events can be anything from a car accident, injury, surgery, loss, change in our life, etc…. This event can be first hand or witnessed. We are reacting and responding to the event whether we realize it or not.

Our bodies and minds react so quickly to these stimuli that we can’t even absorb what is happening in the moment much less what transpires at a later date. We are out of balance and may not know it. In the bodies effort to rebalance, various physical symptoms may arise like muscular tension and pain, sleeplessness, palpitations, easily startled, and fatigue. Emotionally , fear usually arises along with anger, anxiety, worrying, and grief to name a few. Overtime, if ignored, this will get worse as symptoms come and go and progress as the body tries to re-balance and harmonize.

Some key coping strategies:

1. Reach out and get some help as quickly as you can before a pattern of imbalance gets a chance to take hold in some way.

2. Have Bodywork treatments and see a Professional that will meet your needs
Acupuncture for rebalancing and trauma release
Massage for muscular/tendon tension and release
Chiropractic for alignment rebalancing
MD for testing and referral, maybe meds
Psychologist to talk it out
Physical therapy for injury

3. Hard Exercise like jogging, gym workout, walking and soft movement like yoga, tai chi, qi gong, dance

4. Be kind with your diet and get adequate sleep to restore your systems

5. Focus on the solution(s) and moving forward so you don’t get stuck in the event.

Being kind to oneself is the highest form respect and love of Self.

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Andi Bonte, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist – 201 337 0220

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