Dry needling is a technique coined by some Physical therapists. The glitch is that they use needles designated and approved by the FDA for use by Licensed Acupuncturists.
So Is It Acupuncture?

1.Yes in the sense that Physical therapists are using a tool approved for Licensed Acupuncturists only.
2.No because most not all PT’s have no training in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. PT’s take a limited weekend course on how to use an Acupuncture tool in a very limited way that has nothing to do with Chinese medicine at all.

Why do I bring this up?
I bring this up because the public needs to know that licensed Acupuncturists are highly trained in both the Art and Science of Chinese Medicine and how to most effectively use the acupuncture needles to balance and harmonize the body as a whole. This is key to effective treatment.
Our training is extensive. For many in my profession, we have 3,000 hours of schooling plus continuing education credits each year.
Some of my patients have told me that dry needling is very painful and the effects did not last.
One thing I can say is that my treatments are for the most part not painful and extremely soothing.
So, You choose. Do you want to be needled in a way that is balancing and harmonizing to your body, or in a way that mimics the Western Medicine paradigm?

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